To the world outside, you are a woman brimming with confidence that shines bright and a presence that creates an aura of elegance. To the world, nestled within your heart, you are a princess. Beautiful, poised and charming. A feeling that you treasure and a desire to be pampered with the best. The beautiful piece of jewellery that crowns you is Amira. A collection of nuanced designs, created by master craftsmen some proudly depicting the Arab heritage and some skillfully entwining and celebrating global trends. Every piece of our exquisite jewellery celebrates the elegant woman you are outside. And appeals to your princess within. Amira – Born out of the sparkling 30 years legacy of Joyalukkas Amira belongs to the family of Joyaulukkas. A proud part of a lineage that is unparalleled in jewellery craftsmanship, expertise and collection across the globe. Joyalukkas is the world’s favourite jeweler. Amira is beautiful addition to the Joyalukkas family, that you will fall in love with.

Elegant bracelets that fuse stylish simplicity with modern luxury. Visit an Amira showroom near you to browse our entire collection.our entire collection.


Qantara is lyrical tribute to the magnificent and intricate arches of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi. A world where art meets culture, imagination mingles with sophistication and designs walk hand in hand with history. The harmony of beauty and light crafted to perfection, a heritage that belongs to Amira. Qantara is your gateway to the alluring charm of Arabia.


Each brand at Amira encapsulates an integral aspect of what it means to be a princess. From the inception of design to the finished piece – a story weaves through every curve and shimmer. Your story. From Vedantti and Zahra to the enchanting BELLA Collection, your inner princess will rejoice in delight at the wide range of pure gold & precious stones’ ornaments to accompany her royalty. Brands at Amira are carefully chosen with the primary criteria being their resonance with the audience; they reflect a seamless connection between the modern woman and her inner princess.


The intricacies of each design are inspired by the countless layers of unique ophistication of the modern woman. Following in the footsteps of a princess creating her own fairytale, Amira endeavours to bring to fruition a wide range of diamond and gold jewellery that truly and unequivocally possesses all the qualities of a princess: fierce, resolute, and unyielding in her elegance. Polished and designed by the most skilled craftsmen, the Amira collection features nuanced designs that pay homage to the timeless art of jewellery-making. Inside every Amira jewellery is a universe reflective of its wearer’s attributes, creating a personalised statement wherever she treads.

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